12-hour Zoom intensive with live interaction and practice

Advanced Energy Medicine

This IEMI certification integrates principles of energy anatomy, hands-on healing and shamanic visioning, previously introduced in IEMI Reiki 1 and 2, Shamanism 101 and the Medical Intuitive classes.

For Shamans everything is alive and has a spirit. For Quantum Physicists the Universe is compose of 0.00...1% particles and 99.99...9% non-energy or consciousness called the Mind Field.

In IEMI Reiki training we assert that Rei is Universal or Divine Consciousness that permeates all while Ki is the wave that becomes a pattern of particles when it is observed. As such Reiki 2 students already know that they can speak to the cells and that their intention and focused attention are instrumental in the outcome of a treatment.

If Shamanism 101 teaches Out of Body Transmigration, Medical Intuitive delivers a solid foundation in energy anatomy with plenty of practice to navigate through the physical and energy body. With these skills students are ready to learn advanced healing techniques included in Shamanic Healing and Shamanic Reiki. With these they are then ready to learn the more advanced practice of Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp.

Created and taught by founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan
This 12-hour Intensive is 85% hands-on practice; healing exchange between classmates builds student's confidence and proficiency in the new teaching.

What you experience during this 12-hour intensive

• 1 attunement to activate the pineal gland
• Qi Gong exercises to enhance 3rd Eye activation
• 85% hands-on practice
• Combine to power or Reiki with shamanic skills
• Practice-exchange of each new treatment protocols
• Transmute perceived fears, conflict or negative situations
• Track in timeline to resolve present challenges
• Time Transmutation to create new timeline (for self)
• Release trauma in timeline protocol
• Averting precognitive disaster-dreams
• Discover the 7 levels of consciousness
• Practice Multidimensional Healing
• Discover and practice Quantum Healing
• Recognize and permanently remove cords
• Identify effect of vows, contracts, curses and spells
• Renegotiate vows and contracts
• Practice the release of curses and spells
• Identify soul parts and understand the role of Soul Retrieval
• Identify spirit attachments and understand the role of Psychopomp
• Address ancestral wounding
• Appreciate the power of healing ceremonies

IEMI Shamanism training focuses on the development of intuition, E.S.P. and healing skills to be combined with Reiki & Energy Medicine practices. Also we study the principles of Shamanism, we do not borrow any religious beliefs or religious cosmology from any indigenous traditions but students are encouraged to honor their own faith and ancestors as every culture has ever done. Ceremony for healing also focuses on "healing" with an interfaith approach.

• Your investment includes:
• A detailed manual to practice on your own
• Audio files to journey on your own
• Additional support through Facebook group: CT Shamanic Study & Practice
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute

Prerequisite: IEMI Reiki 2 + Shamanism 101 + Medical Intuitive.