8-hour Energy Medicine intensive with live interaction and practice
6 CEUs & Same Curriculum for Zoom or Live class, in Milford CT

Reiki Mastership & Energy Medicine Practice

The emphasis at the mastership level is the perception of the Human energy field and application of advance energy medicine technique, and the ability to assess and transmute energy patterns. Students also learn how to start and enjoy a successful Reiki practice.

Learn to perform: client assessment protocols, take SOAP notes for accurate record keeping. Discover strategies for interacting with other health care providers, interpersonal skills with clients and application of ethics of touch in most US states; and adequately prepare yourself for a successful client interaction.

Review and practice advanced Reiki techniques and expand our understanding of energy anatomy to include circulation of energy through chakra and meridians. Discover how to integrate the energy of Rei-Ki with other modalities.

After completion of this class you will be a Tenth generation Reiki master after Dr Usui.

Prerequisite: IEMI Reiki 3 is only available to IEMI Reiki 2 graduates. Students must have practiced 40 Reiki treatments on others (live or remotely) or on animals and on situations. Be able to draw/use all three symbols successfully.
Students must bring the records of their 40 healings and be prepared to present one of them to their Reiki 3 training.

Created and taught by IEMI founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan. Integrative Energy Medicine content is based on a lifetime of personal experience and extensive training in various modalities. Each training include a detailed illustrated manual to guide student practice. The aspiration is to see students be better than the teacher and to ultimately become IEMI teachers.

What you experience during this 8-hour intensive

• 90% practice and individual support from Reiki teacher
• Receive the Master attunement in sacred space
• Energetic preparation to pass attunements
• How to integrate Reiki with other modalities
• Learn about & integrate natural energy circulation in treatments
• Reiki beyond the seven Chakras
• Learn & practice 2 new protocols: Spinal Cleanse and Restoration
+ Acupressure with Reiki to relieve stress and restore peace
• Exchange Reiki energy medicine treatment with classmates
• Usage of symbols to clear, transmute and program
• Integrate natural energy circulation in a treatment
• Reiki beyond the seven Chakras
• Clear and program crystal to enhance reiki treatment
• Practice programming of substance/medication and objects/crystals
• Integrate other modality with the Reiki
• Keeping record for each client/treatment
• Get tips to start your Reiki practice
• Get tips to protect and market your practice
• License, ordination and insurance
• Networking with other professional

• A detailed manual to practice on your own
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
• Certificate of your Reiki lineage with your name and title
• Additional tools and support to start your practice


Online Live Training: Enhance your clairvision and perception of energy anatomy. Give Medical Intuitive readings