12 hour Zoom intensive with live interaction and practice

Self-Healing & Therapeutic Coaching


f most students focus on dreams, many also work with visions received in meditations, psychic and medical readings or shamanic journeys experiences. The content can be one sentence long or several pages, recent or ancient, a precognitive or a recurring dream. Nevertheless the analysis and interpretation is always revealing and at times healing and empowering.

Some dreams have lead us into an untraditional Family Constellation to release ancestral wounding or Soul Retrieval to integrate a younger part of the self. In one instance we were lead to free and escort to the realm of the soul a large group of children from a student's past life!!

Dreams are one of the many ways that our soul reaches out and speaks to us every night. Some dreams are remembered with clarity, while others as steeped in mystery and metaphors. No need for these messages to remain obscure, take Dream Therapy & Message Interpretation to get clarity now to understand the message of the Soul.

While Dream Therapy and Message Interpretation's focus on personal dreams, participants gain experience to also help family, friends or clients.

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Created and taught by founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan
This 12 hour intensive is a prerequisite for psychic development and advanced energy medicine.

What you experience during this 8-hour intensive

90% practice with individual support & live interaction
Develop therapeutic coaching skills and clairvoyance
• Help your clients and empower yourself
• Understand the language of your Soul as you...
• Discover the work of pioneers and innovators in the field of dream work

• Through live interaction and exercises:
• Find out about the role of colors, archetypes and the Higher Self
• Learn five empowering methods of interpretation
• Through guided teaching gain the confidence to practice on your own
• Use brain entrainment technology to reach the perfect level of receptivity
• Practice each techniques on yourself and with a classmate
• Discover the power of conscious dreaming and group work

• Discover how to:
• Enhance dreaming & dream state awareness
• Recover hard to remember or forgotten dreams
• Initiate Lucid Dream
• Avert the outcome of prophetic dreams
• Address trauma with therapeutic Lucid Dreaming
• Method to handle a child's nightmare
• Power of ritual to crystallize healing

• Your investment includes:
• A detailed manual to practice on your own
• Audio files to enter meditative state and journey on your own
• Additional information on Archetype and use of color in dreams
• Resources for dream interpretation
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
• Additional support through Facebook group: CT Conscious Dreaming