8-hour intensive with live interaction and practice
Same curriculum for ZOOM or LIVE held in Milford CT

Heal with the Power of the Elements

Personal Development with the Power of the Medicine Wheel and Five-Element Theory

Each element has its own essence, energy and power as a building block of creation. As part of this creation these affect us since and before birth. Discover how the Soul has chosen a birth year to give you qualities that support your purpose.

In a safe a sacred space, deepen your partnership with Spirit while receiving guidance, healing and wisdom from each of the five elements (seen through TMC theory), and universal aspects of who you are (integrated with the Medicine Wheel).

Working with each element brings connection to "all your relations" from your ancestors to your Soul and the essence of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within.

As a hands-on energy medicine practice activate and channel the each element to initiate balance within you and exchange these energies with classmates.
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Created and taught by founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan
While Elemental Healing focuses on healing the self to help others,
it is a prerequisite for Advanced Divination and Psychopomp.

What you experience during this 8-hour intensive

• Personal development through journey-work
• 90% practice with individual support and group interaction
• Learn to heal other as you heal yourself
• Channel the power of each element
• Practice hands on healing on yourself and others
• Build awareness of interconnection with others
• Discover the multidimensional aspect of the Medicine Wheel through deep journey work
• Enlist the help of your Power Animal and Spirit Guide
• Address ancestral and spiritual issue
• Request physical emotional and mental healing
• Draw elemental wisdom from the Medicine Wheel
• Correlate the power of the five-element theory
• Connect to each element on a physical and spiritual level
• Deep Shamanic Journey work to release blocks and rewire your brain
• Discover ancestral and natal forces influence on your personality
• Uncover governing factors on each elemental level and
• Release those that keep you from embracing your authentic power

• Your investment includes:
• A detailed manual to practice on your own
• Audio files to enter meditative state and journey on your own
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
• Additional support through Facebook group: CT Shamanic Study & Practice
Prerequisite Shamanism 101 or shamanic journey experience with good connection to Power Animal and Spirit Guide.