This class is offered in-person in Milford CT from 9 am to 5pm or live-online in 2 half-day session.
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Taught by Chantal Guillou-Brennan, CHT/IEMP with 30 years practice and teaching experience.

Elemental Healing – Balancing the elemental horces within

Personal Development using the Power of the Medicine Wheel and Five Element Theory

This full day training guides each student to take a deeper look at who they are and why. Using Shamanic technique of visioning, principle of elemental healing and TCM, each person will discover how they resonate to each element and why.

Understand yourself and your abilities as you discover the meaning and influences that each element has on the body, mind and spirit; and how the Soul has chosen a birth year to give you qualities that support your purpose. Recognize how the elements affect you and those around you. Learn to channel each element through your breath and hands on exercises to activate or balance within you their respective power.

Each element has a its own essence, energy and power as the building block of all creation. As part of this creation these affect you since birth. An in-depth study of each natural elemental force enables you to recognize them and choose which to nurture or balance for a specific outcome or healing. Practice hands on exercises to explore, activate, and balance each element within yourself and how to do it with others. Take guided journeys to uncover your relation to each of the element of the Medicine Wheel and how they correspond to different aspects of yourself and your interaction with others and the world. Take several journeys within each quadrant of the medicine wheel to receive wisdom and healing for yourself and others.

Discover how your birth year corresponds to one of the elements: Air/Fire/Earth/Water and Wood/Metal. Apply the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring balance and harmony on all levels.

Note: that more than 70% of the class time is spent practicing the skills of journeying.
Furthermore you have the opportunity to receive valuable ongoing support to practice your new skills and develop further your abilities, when you choose to participate in our monthly Shamanic drumming circle on the fourth Friday. And to enhance your experience further, and stay informed please join our Shamanic Study and Practice Facebook group.
Shamanism 101 or journey experience is recommended for this class.

  In a safe a sacred space, deepen your partnership with spirit while receiving guidance, healing and wisdom. Gain understanding of who you are and your relationship to your Soul, your ancestors as you balance the elemental energies that constitute third dimensional reality.
  A comprehensive manual with detailed instruction of all that you learned in class.
  Certificate of achievement for Elemental Healing in Mastery of Awareness™ from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute.
  Ongoing complimentary support.
Practice what you learn in class by attending the our three monthly circles including the Shamanic Study and Practice on the Fourth Friday. This circle is dedicated to develop Extra Sensory Perception using Shamanic and Mastery of Awareness principles.
  New Student: Prepaid $150 or $175 at the door. $50 deposit + $100 at the door reserves your place in the class.
  Repeat Student: $75 at the door (FOR IEMI GRADUATES ONLY)
  By the end of the class you will be able to recognize within yourself and other the elemental forces at work in your physical, emotional and mental bodies and to choose how to enhance such elemental forces to fulfill your goal.
The Medicine Wheel
  • Origin and History
  • Solar and Stellar Alignments
  • Mandalas
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • How to Use the Power of the Medicine Wheel
  • The Four Directions and the Elements
  • Overview of Multiple Traditions
  • The Fifth Element
  • Multidimensional Perspective
  • Five Element Theory Comparison
Healing with the Medicine Wheel
  • Sacred Space
  • Opening a Portal To Each Pure Land of…
  • Healing Journey Practices
  • Opening A Window Into Each Of The Four Quadrant
  • Journey Practices with Each Direction
Shamanic Power of Four Elements
  • Exploration of the Power of Air / Fire/ Water/ Earth
  • Visualizations to Activate Each Element
  • Visualizations to Balance Each Element
  • • Healing Journeys to:
- Air journeys to heal our relations
- Transmutation power of thought
- Creative power of coherence
- Journey into the future
- Shape shifting exercise
- Time shift journey
- Transmuting emotions
- Ancestral healing journey
- Journey to shed the past (cord cutting)
Know ThySelf
  • Five Element and Four Cardinal Points
  • Developing Your Extra Sensory Perception
  • Generation and Restraint Cycles
  • Age Influenced By Each Elements
  • The Fire People
  • The Water People
  • The Metal/Air People
  • The Tree People
  • The Earth People
  • Emotion to Organ Correspondence
  • Self Hypnosis Exercise to Balance the Elements
Closing Sacred Space and giving thanks


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