Enhancing healing skills with Extra Sensory Perception
This class length is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a 30 minutes lunch break. Please bring a bag lunch and a journal to class.
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MEDICAL INTUITIVE – The Healer's Innate Gift

This full day training is for anyone who want to develop their a clairvoyant ability to perceive and interpret patterns of energy in the multidimensional energy body.

The Medical Intuitive training is for you if you want to help yourself and other by developing your Extra Sensory Perception to see at any level of the physical and energy body; and if you desire to be equally aware to the visible and invisible world at anytime with a simple shift in focused attention and clear intention. This class goes beyond the proverbial intuitive “scan” often followed by correlation with what is known from the client and direct observation.
Although a prerequisite for all of IEMI advances healing classes, it is a valuable training for anyone serious about his or her energy medicine practice or any aspiring energy medicine practitioner..

Each student truly becomes the master of their awareness by projecting their consciousness on any level, deep in or around the physical body to assess patterns of thought and emotions; or within chakras and meridians to perceive blocks; or to the end of a cord to identify entanglements and attachments. 80% hands-on practices prepares the student to travel deep in the organ system to perceive scars, lesions and parasites; to navigate within the “pure land” of a chakra to time travel to a past trauma; and to scan the auric field for ancestral presence or spirit attachments.

During the development of their intuitive intelligence, students dive into and communicate with the chakra and meridian systems. As they begin to see a variety of textures, patterns and frequencies from the multidimensional body they now can associate these to a new vocabulary. They can discern what these new patterns/structures evoke in them and understand the resonance of emotions and thoughts.

Each person will perceive these patterns in slightly different way. But once the perception is shared it is easily recognizable. After a few exercise they can intuitively track the emotional, spiritual and psychological sources of illness and imbalance in the body. These imbalances often reveal themselves as blocked energy patterns and limiting belief systems. They view the internal body and then read the energy of the organ systems and energetic centers.

After this exploration, we shift our attention to intuitive readings between participants. Applying what was discovered earlier on ourselves; and delivering healing according to one’s personal ability and training, (as the focus of this class is mastery of awareness and not hands on healing.)

As we learn to bridge our consciousness between the spiritual and the physical worlds we raise our vibration to communicate with our guides to receive insight and wisdom. Exposure to shamanic journey or meditation is valuable for these exercises. We then focus on the understanding of the messages received and how to relate their contents to clients with tact, compassion and discernment; as well as a reality check for ourselves to assess possible resonance with our own emotional field.

Through guided or prompted shamanic journeys entrained by the rhythm of the drum, a yogic breath and modern technology (taught in Shamanism 101) students learn to "read" the field and "track" or follow the thread of information in the Human Energy Field and in space/time.

Much hands-on practice is given to polish these new skills as you discover how to be a high vibrational channel to receive the clear and pure messages. As Seer and healer our purpose is to provide spiritual and energetic healing to individuals as directed and guided by Spirit and Spirit Allies.

NOTE: This class is the prerequisite for Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Reiki and Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp. Monthly circles on the second and fourth Friday and the Shamanic Study and Practice Facebook group support the practice of your new skills.

Your $150 investment includes a detailed manual of all that you learn in class, so you can practice on your own.

New Student: Prepaid $150 or $175 at the door. Or reserve your place in the class with a $50 deposit + and pay $100 at the door. Repeat IEMI Student: $75 at the door.
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